“Honestly bro- do you really think you can become a rapper?”  its a question that I’ve heard so often that I’ve honestly lost track of the number of times that someone has asked me this. Or sometimes it’s a question that tries to bring me back to ‘ground zero’ and ‘reality’ by asking me “So, what are you really going to be doing with your life- what do you study at university?” It’s tough for many people (and even myself) to grasp the notion that I actually want to chase such an ambitious dream; that even once I’ve achieved it, I will never truly be in control of my own success. Unlike a day job where you are guaranteed a salary in exchange for labour, achieving my dream depends upon the perception of people that I have never even met. Becoming a successful rapper requires me to satisfy the needs of a target audience… Putting myself and my music out there for others to judge.


Being the only child of migrant parents from Sri Lanka, people often ask me why. Why would I risk all of this, and put my parents through all of this uncertainty, when I could go through life the more ‘traditional’ way, get a degree, and end up with a 9-to-5 job. ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Rap’ are unknown terms to my parents- especially my mother, who is shocked and often scared when she thinks about the path that I have chosen and where it may lead me. This is completely understandable seeing as she came from a conservative Sri Lankan family and is being thrown into the deep end by her extremely optimistic son (whom she probably wishes was a little more normal). However, for me, it all comes down to one word- opportunity- and how one can best use the opportunities they are presented with in this life, in order to achieve their purpose. My ultimate purpose is to make people as happy as I possibly can with the gifts and talents that I have been blessed with. Therefore, in order to fulfil my dreams, I must take the path less travelled, a path full of uncertainty and the one that is judged the most.


Chasing dreams seems like such a cliché notion but turning my dreams into a reality is how I stay intact with my true self. So until I reach my goals, I will keep making music and taking life one day at a time. That is the only thing in my control. So imma chase and imma chase hard.


Rush Music