Rohan Philip December 11, 2016

Following the release of my first single ‘Never Forget’, I immediately had to make some decisions about myself and my future. Sonically, how could I build on what I had just let out? Visually, how could I provide a more immersive experience that captures people’s attention and keeps everyone entertained? Most importantly, how could I stay true to myself whilst remaining relevant in the rap game and the constantly evolving music industry?


Having spent the past couple of months slaving away at the studio, I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to bring some of my brightest visions to life…Tonight, I am super thrilled to announce that my next single is another epic collaboration with WYSPR Records and is a HIP-HOP DANCE ANTHEM. It goes by the name of ‘COLD’ and I am dying to release it to the world.  


Currently Cold is in its final stages of production and after that I will get around to tying up all the other loose ends associated with making a track. I am eyeing a late January release and you can trust me to have a super lit video to accompany the music.


I Guess That’s Cold, RIGHT?