Many people often ask me do I get scared, or ‘What if it doesn’t work out?, whats the next thing for you’, and usually I respond with the same BS response, which is that I have my degree to fall back on, knowing fully well, I have just lied to that person to their face.

I get it being unconventional, and unrealistic is only meant for fairy tales, and were all supposed to grow up and live out the days of our lives. But being 21 currently I have never felt more motivated in my life to achieve my dreams, and I feel as though finally, things are slowly starting to happen right in front of my eyes.

But this blog is not about that, people who know me, will say that I’m a bubbly individual who has an extroverted persona. But I am not going to lie, it is tough, living up my own expectations is something that I continue to fail (being a perfectionist). Sometimes I’m not going to lie, I even hate it, it makes me come off as immature, and failed to be taken seriously, all due to who I personify, as a character to the world. There have been days, weeks and even months, where I have questioned everything, such as the reason why I do music, should I let it go, and move on. And to be perfectly honest doing music does make you feel alone at times, it also makes you fear the unknown even more. I have been also questioning if it is worth working a part time job and doing full time uni, and continually investing everything I have financially into my music career and a dream. I could quite simply give everything up and take no risks, and live out a 9-5.

The days however that I continue to question myself and feel down,the next day, I feel super motivated. Music keeps me sane, it allows me to express myself, and let out a lot more than just raw emotion, it is a state of being to me, as it allows me to transcend my current state of mind. I have had a lot of raw emotion that I have felt during this year, a lot highs and a lot of lows but I can gladly say, that I am currently so excited for the next wave of product that I am about to release. Its not music now, its a product, that I am super confident with.

But the price of a dream, is something special, the highs, the lows, its all part of the fun, and yes I will not lie, there are times, where it does extremely tough, but I wont have it any other way.

And Also I not going to Lie… Shits ABOUT TO GET REAL… Yes Were Finally Releasing New Music NEXT MONTH #You